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[Vol. 21, no. 1]
February/March 2018


Saving Celluloid (Page 4)
'Ulu'ulu’s UH archives
are set to open August 4. Online, visitors will be able to search ‘Ulu‘ulu’s site and look for everything from the broad (“surfing”) to the specific (“Patsy Mink”); each file in the archives will have a thirty-second preview online and can be viewed in its entirety at the physical library. There the work to grow the website and the archives will continue. “This is the project,” Omura says, “that will outlive everyone.” 


Visit ‘Ulu‘ulu online at uluulu.hawaii.edu. If you have analog videotapes or films of Hawai‘i that you wish to donate, contact the archives at uluulu@hawaii.edu.